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Chervil Seed, Curled

Chervil Seed, Curled

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Curled Chervil Seed - Mild Licorice or Anise Flavor


Curled Chervil is one of the more unique plants for microgreens. It's licorice (anise) flavor is used by chef's to add an extra dimension to dishes, but chervil is also used as a digestive aid, and contains high levels of potassium, zinc, magnesium and iron.

  • Growing Information

    1 Ounce of Seed When Used as a Micro:

    10" x 10" trays seeded (crops) = 3

    Best medium to grow in = Best in coco coir, but will grow well on hydro pads also

    One crop in a 10" x 10" tray will yield = About 3-4 ounces of micros

    Days from seed to harvest = 12-14 - up to 21 days for the curled true leaf

    Need to soak the seed before planting = no

  • About our Seed

    All of our seed are always untreated, so no chemicals or preservatives - and always NON-GMO. They're also stored in a sterile, temperature controlled environment. Perfect for growing microgreens, sprouting, or in your garden.

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