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"Our vision at Urban Hydro Greens is to introduce, educate, provide, and inspire communities about the wonderful and healthy microgreens. Through farmer's markets, grow kits, and classes we strive to create a more healthy and sustainable community for you and your family. "

About us 

Our practices and processes set new standards of sustainability, freshness and conservation of critical resources.  We pride ourselves on our manual processes, checking the plants daily and harvesting at the peak of flavor. We are small but mighty, all the more reason to shop locally!

  • Locally Grown – We've Moved!  Updated Page Coming Shortly...

  • Land and Space Efficient – Our growing process is designed to take advantage of under-utilized warehouse space and vertical scalability.  A 1,000 sq. ft. facility can produce the equivalent of 5 acres of traditional vegetable farmland.

  • Always Available – Every day of the year, we harvest our microgreens at their flavor, freshness, and nutritional peak.


Yes, we are a farm with a misson. Growing our greens for the community is just one (important) piece of our vision. We are here to inspire "growth" (pun intended). Thus we have a team, full of passion to educate and offer tools to all people and communities - 

  • Grow Kits and Supplies - We are always testing and re-testing easy tools for you to use to make growing at home easy. Check easy grow tools out

  • Community - Follow us on social media to share and connect with other passionate growers. We believe in community!

The company initially started as an online hydroponics supply business, but our love of plants helped lead us to where we are today – with a mission to find a way to grow food in the desert.  

A trip to California in the fall of 2011 led us to the discovery of tiny, fascinating little plants called microcreens. These plants were a welcomed treat for my bored taste buds and lacking nutrition.  Apparently microgreens had been around for about 20 years, so why had we never heard of them?  Because restaurants had been hiding them, that’s why! They were using them as a secret weapon in all sorts of dishes – for flavor, texture and color.  But now the secret was out and we made it our mission to learn everything about them, including how to grow them. Since we lack ideal farming conditions in this desert we live in - we have been determined to find a way to make it easy, afforadable, and urban friendly - Urban Hydro Greens was born… and everything microgreens quickly became our specialty.


Now that we have mastered growing in a desert, our mission is to give others with similar growing obstacles an opportunity to grow their own non-gmo food, with the very same methods we use everyday to supply our local Las Vegas community. 


The only way to fight back against pesticide ridden farms, our dying environment (trucked in produce), lack of sustainability, or poor health, is to grow your own clean nutritious food. If we can do it, you can too, and together we can make a difference in our environment, our lives, and our health. This is the foundation behind our #newagefarmingmovement. 

Our Story - We've Moved to MN, Updates Coming Soon!!

Greens Team - Educating at local farmer's market

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