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All of our home growing kits are intentionally simple, user friendly, and very easy for all levels of experience and expertise.  The durable food grade trays are reusable, and you'll get enough seed and soil to produce five crops of nutrient dense, high protein pea shoots; or over two months of continual growing.  Pea shoots are also one of the very few microgreens that will regrow after harvesting, lengthening the growing duration, and adding to your harvest yield. Simply cut the stalk above a leaf or two when harvesting so the plant can still energize.   


Sweet Pea shoots offer nearly instant gratification, as they grow in as little as 10-14 days from seed to harvest.  No special lights are required, just indirect bright natural light is adequate for these superfood plants.

  • Details

    Here's what's included in the grow kit:


    ~ Step-by-step instructions. You'll have an easy to follow guide and reference sheet (including pictures) to help you with your growing.


    ~ (2) heavy duty food grade plastic grow trays. They're each 14.5" x 5.50", long and narrow, the perfect size for a counter or window sill space. One tray serves as the bottom where your plants will grow, and the other serves as a humidity dome while your plants are germinating.


    ~ (5) packs of pre-measured speckled sweet pea seed, with each pack producing one full crop of pea shoots.


    ~ (10) organic coco coir wafers, enough grow medium for all (5) crops worth of seeds. This grow medium is clean, sustainable, and easy to use; ideal and sanitary for indoor growing. Simply place the dry wafers in your grow tray and add water.


    We want you to be successful with your growing!!  Always feel free to contact us for growing or micro green related questions.

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