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Salad Topper Refill Set

Salad Topper Refill Set


This refill set is designed to be used with our larger microgreen home growing kits. Each set will help take the guess work out of how to continue growing your micros by containing 8 pre-measured seed packs and all the organic coco coir needed to grow them. All sets are pre-measured to grow using a 10 x 10 propagation tray (included in the home growing kits).

***For best results do not plant 2 types of seed in one tray. They are meant to grow separately due to each seed having different growing rates.***

Salad Topper refill set contains:

~(8) packs of pre-measured seed. You'll receive two packs each of Basil, Arugula, Radish Blend, Sweet Pea. Basil and arugula are popular among chefs for their ability to add a potent flavors to any dish. Radish has a wonderful spicy flavor to it! Sweet pea is a high folate and protein microgreen. We have found these microgreens add another dimension to any salad.

~ (16) Indoor microgreen grow wafers soil enough for all (8) crops of microgreens, which provides every resource for over three months of continuous growing. This grow medium is a soil-less soil made of ground coconut husk (organic). Use two wafers per crop, simply place in tray, add water, and you’re tray is ready to seed. It’s just that easy!

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