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Organic Coco Coir Wafers

20 Organic Coco Coir Expandable Wafers


These organic wafers are made from coconut husks, and serve as an amazing grow medium for microgreens or wheat grass! These easy to use wafers are compressed dry, and then expand when hydrated (kids love the process!). The coco coir is clean, odorless and won't attract pests; perfect for indoor growing. Coir also makes a great soil amendment in gardens and potted plants, it holds water, and works well in arid climates.  Wafers are pre-wrapped in packs of 5.  


This listing is for:  20 organic coco coir wafers - approx 2.25" in diameter, 1" thick, and weighing between 56-64 grams each.


When used for microgreens:  20 wafers will be enough soil for approx 10 crops in a 10" x 10" tray, to a depth of about 1" deep each.


Additional Info:  After growing your microgreens, add the "used" coir to your garden or compost pile, and you'll often get some random germination! Start again with new wafers for each crop, fresh coir devoid of roots and stems will minimize the chance of a fungus.


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